Krzywy Las (The Crooked Forest) – Poland

Krzywy Las (translation – the crooked forest) is a Forest in the village of Nowe Czarnowo in North-Western Poland.  Here is a video of some Polish people sitting on trees:

As you can see, the name of the place says it all.   This grove of approximately 400 trees grows at a 90 degree, northward facing angle, before continuing to grow vertically upwards. The grove is then surrounded by a larger forest of vertically straight pine trees.  The area in which the trees grow belonged to Germany up until 1945.  It is thought that they were planted by Germans in the 1930’s, who then allowed the saplings to grow for 7-10 years before restricting their growth for a while, creating the unusual shape today.  This could have been done by carpenters planning on making furniture/timber requiring a specialised tree shape.  However no one knows for sure if this is how and why this unusual grove has occurred   I personally believe it is much more interesting to think of it in a Hans Christian Andersen fairy-tale kind of way.

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