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Hello and welcome to Life For a Forest.  My name is Stephanie Martin and I have set up this blog to combine two of my biggest passions in life; writing and forest ecosystems.  I am currently an undergraduate Biosciences student in England, having previously studied in Australia.

I hope you will enjoy the articles you find, they are meant for educational purposes and for anyone with an interest who fancies a read.  Feel free to ‘follow’ me and post your comments below the articles.


  1. Hi Stephanie! It seems to us your next passion on the list should be travel! Let us know if you ever plan to visit India (our home base). The Periyar Tiger Reserve is an amazing ecosystem and the Western Ghats were just given UNESCO World Heritage status. We projects in other ecological hot spots–let’s discuss a tree internship or other form of collaboration!

    1. Haha you are correct! I suppose I felt that seeing the world goes without saying! Visiting India is a dream of mine, as always it is funds that are a problem. When I get a chance to go, I will definitely be visiting (and documenting!) these places you suggest. It’s funny you should mention an internship because I am currently searching for worldwide internship opportunities! So if there is anything you know of or can provide, then I would be very grateful for information 🙂 x

  2. I read your blog regarding the San Lorenzo Forest in Panama (2013). In the blog you mentioned that Agent Orange was first used at Ft. Sherman. I am an Army veteran and was at Ft. Sherman in 1970. I have some health issues that are recognized by the Veterans Administration as related to Agent Orange exposure. If you have any additional information regarding the use of Agent Orange in or around Ft. Sherman it would be very helpful with my claim. Thank you for your time and Blog information.

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