What is ‘Life for a Forest’ Trying to Achieve?


AAnd more importantly, why should you care?

I’ve told you a bit about my background and the journey that led me to be an avid writer in my last blog post, but now I’d like to focus more on the blog itself.

I think it is so important for us to remember that we are all part of nature too.  It sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget, what with our cement walls, daily work/study stresses and our mortgages.  We need to be confronted with the beauty and importance of nature more often, or we will forget as a species who we are and where we come from.


I want to connect with people who love nature, but also people who don’t see what the big deal is.  I want to connect with students, teachers, professionals or unprofessionals who just can’t get enough of consuming information.  I also want to connect with people who can help me on my own journey; to explore and understand as much of this world’s ecosystems before I die.

That’s where I hope that my blog comes in.  Through different approaches, such as haunted forests, orgasmic mushrooms and personal experiences, I hope to bring to peoples laptops, phones and tablets a little piece of wonder for the planet that they are a part of.


What I wanted to achieve when I started this blog at the end of 2013, was the following:

  • Create a platform to serve as an outlet for my interests of writing and environment.
  • Use this platform to educate others on the importance and wonders of our natural world.

I wasn’t sure how much interest my writing and the topics I wrote about would garner, and I suppose I didn’t really mind, so I decided to set my expectations as ‘anyone other than my family telling me they like it’ (not that my family’s support is worth less, the opposite actually, they are my most honest critics, but also my biggest fans).

To my great pleasure this goal has been far surpassed, and every day when I check my statistics I am thrilled to see the ever growing upward slope of the number of viewers and subscribers to my work.

I’ve also received job offers, and offers of work experience abroad as a result.  I’ve had my posts shared by others to thousands of their followers, and much to my very pleasant surprise, even received generous donations for my upcoming tropical botany dissertation.

Now that I’ve reached a comfortable position, it’s time to set some bigger goals:

  • Expand my readership and reach, by spending more time on marketing and advertising my blog.
  • Publish a new post regularly each Monday.
  • Inject more of my personality into each new blog post.
  • Expand on the types of posts that I publish.
  • Eat less chocolate whilst writing remain realistic with my goals.

I read everywhere that goals should never be vague, but I like vague goals.  They’re less intimidating and force you to regularly check on them.  Plus, you allow yourself more space to be creative.

I have so many ideas for possible posts; scientists and explorers, my own experiences in nature, extraordinary species, threats to the environment, people who have adapted to harsh natural conditions… the lists go on.

I hope you will join me in this journey, and want to share it with others.


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